Arrive at competition in competition dress, tights, warm up jacket, hair up in bun, and (minimal) make-up at least one hour before your first event.

What to bring:
– Your skates (both of them) don’t laugh, it happens!
– Guards are a must! If you don’t have any you will need to get some
– Optional but recommended – clothes to wear after competing
– Water and possibly a small non messy snack.

When you arrive:
– Go to registration, check-in, and turn in music.
– Ask if they are running ahead/behind schedule.
– Locate bathrooms/dressing rooms if you are not familiar with the rink.
– Give coaches a spare copy of your music.
– Find the area where the start order and results will be posted.
– If you choose to purchase videos or action photography find those vendors and make arrangements. They will usually request your event numbers. I recommend purchasing video versus a cell phone recordings for a variety of reasons.  I encourage parents to be present in the moment and actively watching their child skate. It’s a very different experience watching versus being focused on trying to record your child’s program on a cell phone or video camera. The sound is tied into the main music system and the picture is going to be 100 times better.

Before leaving:

– Important!!! Before you leave go back to registration and pick up your music.