Private Lessons (1-on-1 instruction)
20 minutes = $35.00
30 minutes = $50.00
45 minutes = $75.00
60 minutes = $100.00

Private Lesson Prices & Payment Policy:

Beginning level skaters will be scheduled during the midday and afternoon public sessions. As students progress we will be able to move their lessons to the morning freestyle (figure skaters only) sessions. (Note: public session and freestyle fees are not included in the lesson price and will need to be paid separately. I cannot start your lesson without your public session sticker visibly displayed.)

Cancellations must be emailed or texted 24-hours in advance in order to avoid cancellation fee. If lesson is missed without 24 hour notification you will be charged for the full lesson. More than 24-hours advance notice is appreciated as it will allow me to schedule a student from my wait list.

Final Lesson Courtesy: should you need to cancel lessons and relinquish your time-slot, it will be helpful if you can give me a 2-week notice.